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Quantitative Genetics

continuation of GWAS Projects



Jaegle B, Uroic M K, Holtkotte X, Lucas C, Termath A O, Schmalz H-G, Bucher M, Hoecker U, Hulskamp M, Schrader A (2016) A fast and simple LC-MS-based characterization of the flavonoid biosynthesis pathway for few seed(ling)s. BMC plant biology, 16(1):190

Rishmawi L, Sun H, Schneeberger K, Hulskamp M, Schrader A (2014) Rapid identification of a natural knockout allele of ARMADILLO REPEAT-CONTAINING KINESIN 1 that causes root hair branching by mapping-by-sequencing. Plant physiology

Failmezger H, Jaegle B, Schrader A, Hulskamp M, Tresch A (2013) Semi-automated 3D leaf reconstruction and analysis of trichome patterning from light microscopic images. PLoS Comput Biol, 9(4):e1003029

AraPop Project

“Our plant growth chamber has seen the world (see GWAS project) and now we are going local as well.”

In this project we analyze Cologne accessions under controlled conditions contributing to the AraPop project - a collaboration with the deMeaux and Linstädter group. See the AraPop website for more details.




Topoisomerase VI - TOPOVI

TOPOVI components are required for normal levels of endoreduplication, chromatin condensation and silencing in A. thaliana. Results point to an activated ATM/ATR-dependent DNA damage repair and endoreduplication affecting checkpoint. (see work on MIDGET, one of the TOPOVI components)

TOPOVI mutants are defective in COP1-dependent phenotypes. Being identified as an interactor of COP1, we found that MIDGET links light signalling and endoreduplication. MIDGET does not show characteristics of a COP1 target – in contrast, it influences COP1 nuclear localization. Genetic interactions were found in respect to flowering time with COP1 and SPA1 mutants.


Schrader A, Uhrig J (2013) MIDGET cooperates with COP1 and SPA1 to repress flowering in Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant Signal Behav 8

Schrader A, Welter B, Hulskamp M, Hoecker U, Uhrig JF (2013) MIDGET connects COP1-dependent development with endoreduplication in Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant J 75: 67-79

Kirik V, Schrader A, Uhrig JF, Hulskamp M (2007) MIDGET unravels functions of the Arabidopsis topoisomerase VI complex in DNA endoreduplication, chromatin condensation, and transcriptional silencing. Plant Cell 19: 3100-3110


Anthocyanidin accumulation is one of the COP1-dependent phenotypes. PAP2, a transcriptional activator of anthocyanidin biosynthesis, was found to interact with COP1. Competing for a target binding site in COP1, PAP2 was classified a putative target. Indeed, its stability is dependent on COP1.


Results from this project have been published with the Hoecker lab:

Maier A, Schrader A, Kokkelink L, Falke C, Welter B, Iniesto E, Rubio V, Uhrig JF, Hulskamp M, Hoecker U (2013) Light and the E3 ubiquitin ligase COP1/SPA control the protein stability of the MYB transcription factors PAP1 and PAP2 involved in anthocyanin accumulation in Arabidopsis. Plant J 74: 638-651